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Korean Drama Themed Scary Murder

Korean Drama Themed Scary Murder - Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Or a fan of thriller films and series? Korean dramas are usually synonymous with love stories about the romance and romance of a couple that can make young women feel bored. Not infrequently Korean dramas also tell about problems that arise in a family.

If you are bored with monotonous romance stories, there are several Korean dramas in the thriller genre that are ready to give you a “different” sensation. The following is a Korean drama on the theme of murder that can make you curious as well as excited.

1. Criminal Minds

This Korean drama Criminal Minds is an adaptation of the United States drama series entitled Criminal Minds (2005). The male lead in this drama is Lee Joon-gi who starred in the popular Korean drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. For the female actor is the beautiful actress Moon Chae-won.

This drama tells the story of a group of reliable profilers who work under the NCI (National Criminal Investigation). They carry out investigations from the perpetrators' point of view to uncover the case.

It all started when something went wrong when defusing a bomb that killed several members of the SWAT team. This caused team leader Kang Ki-hyung (Son Hyun-joo) to be devastated. After several years of hiatus, he begins to return to work and is faced with a serial killer case that takes many victims.

2. Hello Monster (I Remember You)

This drama tells the story of a genius man named Lee Hyun (Seo In-guk). He has lived abroad for a long time, but a mysterious email makes him have to return to Korea. In his homeland, Lee Hyun is a professor of psychology and works as a teacher, but he also acts as a profiler for several murder cases allegedly committed by psychopaths. These cases make him remember little by little the tragedy of his lost childhood.

For EXO fans, you must watch this drama because one of the male players is D.O. EXO. Even though he only played as a cameo, but D.O. no less you know the main character.

3. Bad Guys

This drama is really cool, guys! Tells the story of some accomplished criminals who are recruited by the police to catch other criminals. Can not imagine, right? The criminals are Park Woong-Cheol (Ma Dong-Seok) who is a chief gangster, Lee Jung-Moon (Park Hae-Jin), the youngest serial killer who has above average intelligence, and Jung Tae-Soo (Jo Dong- Hyuk) a skilled assassin who turned himself in to the police for some reason. Oh yeah, reportedly this drama will have a season 2 which will be played by actor Ji-soo, you know!

4. I Hear Your Voice

The drama, starring the handsome actor Lee Jong-suk, tells about the concept of law in an interesting way so that it is not boring. In it there is also a story of a prisoner's revenge against a lawyer (Lee Bo Young) who in his childhood was thought to have destroyed his life.

5. Signal

This drama tells the story of Park Hae-yong (Lee Je-hoon) who accidentally finds a broken walkie talkie. But every 11:23 a.m., the walkie talkie turns on and he connects with detective Lee Jae Han (Cho Jin-woong) who disappeared in 2000.Park Hae Yong then joins the team that handles cold cases (cases that are frozen and have not yet been investigated) in under the leadership of detective Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye-soo). It turned out that the case that Park Hae Yong handled was the same as the case handled by Lee Jae Han in the past. This drama combines thriller and fantasy genres which are definitely recommended for you detective drama lovers.

Korean Drama That Drains Tears

Korean Drama That Drains Tears - Korean drama is a very, very viral film recently, added to this pandemic. In fact, many cloud people watch and even love Korean dramas. Not only charming with handsome and beautiful faces but Korean dramas also have an interesting storyline. Korean dramas with romantic plots and plots are indeed the target of today's society, especially women, Mother. In fact, not a few, who get carried away with feelings of alias being baper when watching it.
Not only is the romance story an attraction, it turns out that Korean dramas are also a target because they tell stories that drain our tears, you know.

Well, here are five Korean dramas that are shedding tears, which Haibunda reports from various sources:

1.Beautiful World (2019)

This drama tells the story of a boy named Park Sun Ho (Nam Da Reum) who becomes a victim of school violence. As a result, he was brain dead and lying in a coma in the hospital.

His younger brother, Park Soo Ho (Kim Hwan Hee), who goes to school with him, wants to reveal the truth behind the violence that his brother received. Meanwhile, their parents, Park Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon) and his wife Kang In Ha (Choo Ja Hyun) also work together to reveal the truth because the school and police do not support them.

On the other hand, Oh Joon Seok (Seo Dong Hyun) was born into a wealthy family and his parents cover up all the crimes he has committed.

2. Mr. Sunshine (2018)

Set in feudal times when Korea was colonized by Japan, Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) is an American Army Captain stationed in Joseon. Previously, when Eugene Choi was 9 years old, he who was a slave decided to run away and board an American warship.

Meanwhile, the woman he likes, Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) is a noble who really loves Joseon. In fact, he secretly learned to shoot even though his grandfather had forbidden him. Because she really loves her homeland, Ae Shin also struggles to defend Joseon.

Apart from a sad plot, this drama also shows a lot of conflicts in love and politics, you know.

3.That Winter the Wind Blows (2013)

This drama tells the story of a gambler named Oh Soo (Zo In Sung) whose life is very wasted. He was abandoned by his parents in an orphanage when he was a baby.

In order to live life, he must be willing to pretend to be the older brother of a blind woman heir to a company named Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo).

Oh Young is the heir to a company who really doesn't believe in love. Apart from being lonely, he also had a hard time because he couldn't see. Not only that, Oh Young also had to be willing to lose his father who died.

4. Sad Love Story (2005)

Tells the story of Suh Joon Young (Kwon Sang Woo), a man born to a sex worker who is separated from his true love, Park Hae In (Kim Hee Sun). Suh Joon Young finally decided to change his name to Choi Joon Kyu and develop his talents in the music world.

The fate of Hye In, who has to move to America, is no less sad. He is liked by Lee Gun Woo (Yun Jung Hoon) who is none other than Joon Young's best friend. However, after hearing the news that Joon Young has died, Hye In accepts Gun Woo.

Hye In, a singer, finally met Joon Kyu, who had become a music producer when Hye In was still Gun Woo's lover.

5. It's Okay It's Love (2014)

Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) is a novelist who is popular among women because of his work. In addition, he is also a DJ on a radio.

Despite his popularity, Jae Yeol is known to be very arrogant and suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Meanwhile, Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) is a psychiatrist who is very ambitious. She doesn't care about men and love stories because of childhood trauma.

Jae Yeol and Hae Soo meet on a television show and become enemies. However, because they have to live together, they fall in love with each other and Hae Soo tries to cure Jae Yeol's mental illness.

Korean Drama with the Best Rating

Korean Drama with the Best Rating - The following is an article about the Korean drama with the best rating in 2020 which has been summarized from trusted sources.

1. Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil is one of the best Korean dramas with high ratings during broadcast hours. The drama that aired by the tvN station stars Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi.

The Korean drama Flower of Evil tells the story of the domestic life of Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) and Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi). The two of them are a happy couple and have a daughter.

One day, while Ji Won is investigating a murder case, she becomes suspicious of her husband's strange behavior. Behind his sweet attitude, Hee Sung turns out to be hiding his mysterious identity.

2. Alice

The Korean drama Alice was a huge success at its premiere, Bunda. Alice even won the highest rating for a national TV station at the time of its broadcast.

Popular actors Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won are the main stars of this drama. Joo Won plays detective Park Jin Gyeom, a cold man who never shows his emotions.

He investigates a case and realizes the existence of a time traveler. Jin Gyeom tries to prevent bad things from happening.

In the process, he meets Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun), a genius physicist who has died in the past. Yoon Tae Yi turns out to be the one who holds the key to time travel.

3. Stranger 2

Stranger 2 is a continuation of the Korean drama that aired in 2017. This drama has always won high ratings in every episode since the first season.

The latest Korean drama that airs on tvN tells the story of a fight between prosecutors and police. The two of them beat each other by exposing corruption to win public attention.

Between the prosecutors and the police, lieutenant Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) and prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo) try to uncover a big hidden case. The two of them worked together and tried to expose the ugliness of state officials.

4. Lies of lies

For mothers who love Korean dramas with the melodrama genre, don't miss Lies of lies. This drama rating broke the highest record in history on OCN cable TV.

Lies of lies tells the story of Ji Eun Soo (Lee Yu Ri), the son-in-law of a rich man who is in prison after being accused of murdering her husband. After being released from prison, Eun Soo tries to take back his adopted daughter Kang Ji Min (Yeon Jeong Hun).

Kang Ji Min is a cold and ignorant reporter. In order to find her daughter, Eun Soo approaches Ji Min by lying and pretending to be in love until the two of them get married.

5. Record of the Youth

The Korean drama Record of Youth premiered on September 7, 2020 on tvN. In its first episode, this drama won a high rating, Bunda.

Record of the Youth is about the lives of young people in the modeling world. Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) is a smart, handsome, and popular model.

Hye Joon has been in various acting auditions but has never been successful or successful. He then meets An Jung Ha (Park So Dam) who works as a makeup artist. The two of them fell in love while achieving dreams in the entertainment world together.

Korean Movies with the Most Audiences in 2020

Korean Movies with the Most Audiences in 2020 - Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here is about Korean films with the most viewers in 2020.

South Korea is the same as other countries that have also felt the impact of the corona virus pandemic. Even so, the film industry is still going on and there are some of the best popular Korean films in 2020 that get millions of viewers.

When viewed from the list, the top ranking for the best Korean films in 2020 is dominated by the action genre. There are various interesting stories from zombie attacks to political conflicts and natural disasters.

1. The Man Standing Next

The film The Man Standing Next stars Lee Byung Hun, a Korean actor who has always been successful with his acting projects. The best Korean film of 2020 was premiered on January 22, 2020.

2020's best Korean film The Man Standing Next got around 4.75 million viewers. The Korean Film Council noted, The Man Standing Next film became the highest grossing Korean film in 2020. This film tells the story of a Korean intelligence agency which was in conflict in the 1970s.

2. Deliver Us From Evil

The next best Korean film in 2020 is Deliver Us From Evil. This film entertains the audience with the exciting action genre featured by Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min. Deliver Us From Evil, which features the action genre, will premiere on August 5, 2020.

Cool, the film Deliver Us From Evil gets 4.35 million viewers even though it competes with other popular Korean films. This film, which co-stars Park Jung Min, is strong in the second position of the best and best-selling Korean films in 2020.

3. Peninsula

In the third place, the best Korean film in 2020 is occupied by the film Peninsula or also known as Train to Busan 2. According to data from the Korean Film Council, this Peninsula film is one of the best-selling Korean films in 2020 with 3.81 million viewers.

Since the beginning of production, the film Peninsula has made the public curious because of the success of Train to Busan in 2016. The film Peninsula itself tells the story of four years after the terrible zombie incident in Train to Busan.

4. Hitman: Agent Jun

The fourth best Korean film in 2020 is occupied by Hitman: Agent Jun. The film Hitman: Agent Jun will premiere with the film The Man Standing Next towards the end of January 2020.

However, this film only got a total audience of about 2.4 million viewers. One of the best Korean films of 2020 tells the story of a former Korean Intelligence Agency agent who was good at defeating terrorists and has now switched professions to become a webtoon writer.

Korean Dramas with the Most Expensive Production Costs

Korean Dramas with the Most Expensive Production Costs - Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all people, along with Korean dramas with the most expensive production costs.

Even though they both air on TV, it seems that local soap operas are still far away if you want to be juxtaposed with Korean dramas. The seriousness of its cultivation can not only be seen from the good results, but also the budget that was spent to make it.

Last year, for example, there was the drama Mr. Sunshine, who managed to become a drama with the most expensive production costs. Starring Lee Byunghun and Kim Taeri, this drama is said to cost 1.5 billion won (equivalent to nearly 17 billion rupiah) per episode with a total of 20 episodes.

In 2019, there are still other KDrama titles that are guaranteed no less to make you dumbfounded by the production costs. Anything?

1. Love's Emergency Landing

TvN's Love's Emergency Landing is a byword among drama lovers. Not only because Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin star in it, but also because the production costs are expected to be just as fantastic.

In this drama Hyun Bin plays Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean soldier who falls in love with Yoon Se Ri, played by Son Ye Jin.

2. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna marks IU's return to the small screen. In this drama IU acts as the CEO of Hotel Del Luna named Jang Man Wol. Meanwhile Yeo Jin Goo plays Goo Chang Sung who is the youngest assistant manager at a multinational hotel.

Apart from these two names, there are also several famous actresses such as Jung Dong Hwan, Bae Hae Sun, P.O Block B, Mina Gugudan, Seo Yi Sook, to Jo Hyun Chul.

This drama with a stunning rating cost no less than 10-16 billion won.

3. Aide

Aide is JTBC's latest drama. With a political theme with stars Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah, this drama that received a warm response cost a budget of 16 billion won.

Shin Min Ah, who is chosen as the main character, plays the character of Kang Sun Young, an ambitious super-cute member of parliament. As for the actor, Lee Jung Jae plays Jang Tae Joon, a Police University graduate who is interested in politics, so he decided to enter parliament.

4. Vagabond

Reuniting Suzy and Lee Seung Gi, Vagabond, which hasn't even been aired, is said to have been made at a cost of up to 25 billion won.

In this drama Lee Seung Gi plays Cha Dal Gun, a stuntman who dreams that one day he will become a famous action actor. Meanwhile Bae Suzy plays Go Hae Ri who will work hard to support her mother and sister after the death of her father. He works as an NIS agent.

5. Arthdal ​​Chronicles

With a total production cost of 54 billion won, the drama starring Song Joong Ki and Kim Jiwon, Arthdal ​​Chronicles is the most expensive drama this year. If divided equally, the cost per episode is up to 3 billion won.

In this drama, Song Joong Ki plays Eun-seom, a child of Saram (human race) and Neanthal. Arthdal ​​Chronicles is apparently produced by Studio Dragon, a famous production house in South Korea which also produces Memories of Alhambra, you know. Apart from being studded with many famous stars, this fantasy historical drama also has a unique and different plot.

Korean Drama Themed Scary Murder

Korean Drama Themed Scary Murder - Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Or a fan of thriller films and series? Korean dramas are usually synonymo...